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Our Work

Impact Works Associates is all about helping social change organisations to grow their impact. 

Working closely with senior leaders, we support organisations to develop new strategies and design new programmes that more effectively bring about positive and sustainable change in people’s lives. 

We are privileged to work with a wide range of NGOs, funders and networks, both UK-based and international, and are passionate about helping those organisations to deliver high-quality work far into the future. 

As a team we have:

  • Designed a multi-country fund for Comic Relief to more directly support civil society organisations in Africa

  • Reviewed the National Lottery Community Fund’s international grants portfolio and advised on strategic ways forward

  • Provided strategic review and recommendations to Development Initiatives on their approach to capturing and communicating impact

  • Supported the Malala Fund to explore new and strategic ways to support girls to advocate on education

  • Delivered a consultation and design process for CIVICUS on resourcing mechanisms that shift power and resources to grassroots civil society organisations in the global south

  • Worked with Oxfam GB to consider its future role and approaches to optimise impact


Our Approach

Our approach to any project is shaped by our core, shared values. 

We care about organisations being the best they can be; we want to see them deliver effective work now and into the future. We use our deep sector knowledge and expertise, as well as a range of futures and foresight methodologies, to help organisations become more future-ready. 

We are keenly aware of the power dynamics that shape our sector and are passionate about seeing power shift as close as possible to affected communities. In all our projects, we use human-centred design processes that make sure a wide range of people’s voices are heard at all stages - as we listen, ideate, test and refine ideas. 

We care about seeing real and sustained change in poor and marginalised communities. In all our work, we use our wide-ranging experience and depth of insight to help organisations focus on maximising their impact at a community level. 

Our approach is practical, creative, engaging and enjoyable. We love to talk through ideas so please get in touch to discuss how we could partner together.

Our work results in...

Meet The Team

Future-ready organisations

We use a range of futures and foresight methodologies to help organisations understand and respond to disruptive trends, innovate and mobilise for change.


Our goal is to see them delivering high-quality, effective work far into the future.

Power shifted closer to communities

We help organisations to reflect on their relationships with people and communities on the ground and, by sharing exciting and pioneering models, to imagine how those relationships could look and feel different in future.

Sustainable impact on the ground

We focus on helping organisations to maximise their impact at a community level, thinking at all times about how to do this in a sustainable, community-led way.


We help them to think about the most effective ways to understand and measure this impact.

Our Team

We are a small team of committed professionals who love working with others to help them change the world. We are passionate about issues of social justice and helping to build organisations that are more effective in bringing about real and sustained change in people’s lives.

As consultants we draw on over 50 years’ experience, between us working in senior roles at Oxfam, Comic Relief, DfID, Scope, Church Urban Fund, and other organisations.​ 

We have strong expertise in strategy development, programme design, funding models, research, evaluation and learning, organisational design, foresight, innovation and social tech. We have worked in large and small organisations, in international and domestic settings, and with both funders and implementing organisations, so we feel at home working with everyone!

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Jennie Richmond

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Jennie works with a broad range of social impact organisations providing strategy advice, programme design, approaches to impact, and process facilitation.


She supports organisations to identify what they want to and are able to achieve, to clarify and describe this, and to capture that in the form of a strategy.


Jennie loves the challenge of bringing a diverse group of people together to tackle a clear and specific challenge, and to support them through a thought process.

Bethany Eckley charity consultant

Bethany Eckley

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Bethany loves helping organisations to understand, grow and communicate their impact.

With over 14 years’ experience in both domestic and international development sectors, she supports organisations and teams to evaluate their performance, draw out key insights, and do the clear and structured thinking that will help them to achieve the right goals.

Bethany is passionate about seeing communities take the lead in bringing about change; supported by others to use their assets, imaginations and creativity to build a more flourishing future.

Matt Jackson

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Matt is passionate about the social change and charity worlds being brilliant. He loves using creative methodologies like  human centred design, strategic foresight and systems thinking to bring new ideas to life; and working participatory with other to find them.


He loves exploring how technology can be used to drive social change and in nearly 20 years working in the sector is constantly surprised by how much good old fashioned ideas, stories and creativity can make a huge difference.

He lives in rural France and when not working plays the trumpet, swims a lot and teaches yoga.

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